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Project development and implementation

BISIT & SIT have developed and implemented inter alia following projects:

In addition to the hundreds of solar systems for households, churches and schools installed by SIT in Ethiopia since 2004, SIT has completed the following projects:

1. Health centres electrification

Electrification of four health centres

Completion date: May 2005

Sites: Gojam and Wollo


2. GEF-UNDP-ORDA Project Metema

Electrification of 120 households, one school, one health centre and village administration

Completion date: December 2007

Site: Metema district (Villages 6, 7 and 8)

3. ORDA Project North Gonder & Wollo

Electrification of 55 rural schools

Completion date: August 2009

Site: North Gonder and Wollo

4. ORDA Project Metema district Lencha

Electrification of 240 households, two schools, two health centres and two solar pumps for irregation

Completion date: March 2010

Site: Metema district



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